Sleek, modern, iconic, master craftsmanship…

Not long ago it was the creator that dictated the tastes of the consumer. In fashion, a designer would create a new line based off a particular material or color they were inspired by or from some ethereal vision they had and would present their collection to the world.

If the line was beloved by the editors and industry insiders it would become the next new thing and every consumer would be clamoring to make a purchase thus saying, “I too am as cool as the designer!”.

Since it’s introduction to the marketing world in 2014 influencer marketing has become a cornerstone to many brands marketing strategy and for good reason!

#1. Audit your potential influencer’s account

In yesterday’s article about how to communicate with Gen Z, I talked about making sure your brand and product architecture lineup with a purpose you believe in such as being a vegan free or all botanical brand.

I received quite a bit of inquiry as to what a brand’s architecture and their product architecture are and what they look like so I thought I’d break it down for you.

Everyone is talking about Millennials and how they are the now market to tap into, but every great entrepreneur knows that it’s just as important, if not more, to be forward and future thinking in their business growth. So, if Millennials are the consumer generation of today who is the consumer generation of tomorrow?

Generation Z

Street-wear designer Yohji Yamamoto

During the first of the month renowned streetwear designer Yohji Yamamoto released a new fragrance line.

The line boasts five unique fragrances that all share the same packaging and bottle aesthetic but are remarkably different in terms of design and campaign.

By now everyone within the fragrance industry is well familiar with the Swedish niche brand Byredo. Founded by ex-basketball player Ben Gorham and acquired by Manzanita Capital (who bought a majority stake in 2013) the brand has become a rising player among other big niche brands like Le Labo and Jo Malone.

With Ben showcasing a collection of leather goods and accessories at 2017 Paris Fashion Week and his Elevator Music collab with Founder of Off-White Virgil Abloh it seems as if Byredo is ready to extend their product architecture into textiles.

This is an interesting thing to watch unfold for several reasons.

Reverse Brand Extension

How Dior Expertly Communicates Scent Through Their We Love Perfume Campaign

The sense of smell…

It’s the strongest sense that’s tied to our memory, yet one of the hardest for us to fully understand.

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Hi, my name is Christopher and I’m an addict.

No really, I’m an addict.

Addicted to success

Addicted to mastery

Addicted to sugar

Addicted to pain from physical activity

Addicted to tobacco

Crazy King for Maison Martin Margiela

Almost two years ago Kanye West released his long anticipated follow up to Yeezus titled, Life of Pablo. Aware of the criticism he often receives for his outlandish public stints, in one of the album’s songs he raps,

“I can’t let these people play me. Name one genius that ain’t crazy.”

While the validity of his antics are debatable, one thing that has never been denied is the incredible amount of talent and creativity that Kanye possesses.

But, the crazy artist is nothing new.

From Van Gogh to Beethoven, we’ve heard numerous stories throughout history of highly creative artists that mastered their craft yet, due to their psychological issues could never seem to master their minds.

But did you know that many of the mental issues that genius artists suffer from have also been found in many of the world’s greatest entrepreneurs?

Christopher Grate

Facebook Ads and Social Media Strategist. Digital Nomad, Artist & Glutton 4 Wisdom. I share marketing tips & life lessons to help you be a better entrepreneur.

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